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How to Conduct Research for Dissertation

Pioneers of dissertation writing often face difficulties on their way to the graduate thesis. Even if you have already passed such issues as choosing a topic, developing a research question, choosing your research methods and other important checkpoints, one of the longest and the most difficult stages of any dissertation – data collection - is yet to come. Therefore, we prepared some practical tips for those students who being “stuck” on their dissertation and do not know what to do next. It will help you to understand how to organize your research to carry out this work without additional dissertation help.

Most of your thoughts and ideas are not innovating. They are inevitably based on some thoughts and ideas of other writers. Regardless of the scope of research, during the dissertation writing, you have to handle a lot of information to thoroughly examine these issues and demonstrate rationale of your thesis. You will usually need to survey existing literature to get an overview of the knowledge that has been gained so far on the topic. Students should be proactive in seeking out information in all available sources.

You can take information from different sources – articles and essays in journals, research monographs. All these materials could be found in library catalogs, electronic journals, archives, you can even carry out interviews with a librarian, who is specializing in your subject or eventually you can just use Google or another kind of search engines. In addition, consultation with your mentor about this is a good idea, which inadvertently brings me to next tip.

Thorough research demands cooperation with your supervisor and dissertation writing committee. Try to be in touch and always make them aware of the progress of your work, discuss your ideas with others and, of course, do not forget to consult about concerning questions, which emerged during the research. Moreover, under appreciated resources of information and additional help are faculty members. These people have not only great knowledge but also connections that dissertation writers even do not realize. That is why always consult with your senior colleagues about the course of your research, but do not expect your advisor (or anyone else) to do your work for you.

If you do not want to forget some precious information, you should make footnotes. Note everything that you read, especially on the early stages of the dissertation research, because, even if eventually something is useful, it would be easier to note something at the beginning than to try to find this information later in a rush.

Certainly scientific literature is extremely useful and helpful, but, anyway, carefully consider which source material you will use and try to find information only directly relevant to the subject of your research. Pay attention, the research question should be constructed in such a way that the research you conduct should answer that question. Data collection takes a lot of time if you cannot abstract from the unnecessary information.

Finally, dissertation writer should not wait to complete the reading of all gathered information before beginning writing. Very few scholars separate writing and researching on two separate stages. Usually, your research is completed, when the last line of dissertation thesis is written. Therefore, completing a dissertation is hard work and should be a learning process.

You can simplify your life by ordering custom dissertation services. However, if you want to write dissertation and carry out all this work with sources yourself, try to follow the above tips to organize your work effectively, and data collection will take less time.

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  1. Hi, guys! Can you advice some good resources for dissertation about accounting? I'm struggling with it for the last month and can't find enough reliable resources. Any dissertation help will be useful! Thanks)