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How to Cooperate With Committee During Writing Your Dissertation?

A dissertation thesis, which is complied with all the requirements, demands from writer covering a lot of ground and understanding of different organization issues. Without additional help and protection of more experienced professionals, the process of dissertation writing would be extremely difficult. However, many dissertation writers declare that working with a committee can be even more frustrating and difficult. Thereby we prepared some useful tips on how you should cooperate with a committee during writing your dissertation to be as much productive as possible.

1. Challenge yourself! 

If you want to improve your graduate thesis, you should choose members of the committee, who will guide you, challenge and encourage on defending your point of view. At the same time, committee members should be able to direct your thoughts in the right direction. To receive a good advice, you should make sure that your committee consists of true professionals, who have deep knowledge in a sphere you need. Good mentors not only criticize your weaknesses, but also help you to overcome them.

2. Think about the future

When you choose committee, that will provide dissertation writing help for you, make sure that they have tenure. In such way, you will simplify your life and avoid unexpected replacement of members, if some of them are going to leave the university or will be on sabbatical.

3. Ask others

You can learn interesting about committee members from previous students, who have already worked with these professors and know a lot of useful information about their work style. Do not shy to ask your advisor about main features of collaboration with committees and dissertation writers in your department.

4. Establish the role of each member

Establish how each member of committee can to contribute to a good working relationship, appoint supervisory responsibilities. Ask your mentors whether they would prefer to see your final complete draft or they want to see drafts of your chapters individually.

5. Be in touch

Very important to be in touch with your committee. All members should be in regular contact. Dissertation writer should notify them about the direction of his research, about fellowships, which he receive and at what stage is the project progress. Moreover, you should tell them about the obstacles which you face, because writers often try to hide their failures from mentors.

However, it would be wiser to listen to their helpful advice, which will help to overcome difficulties and continue your work. Encourage them with the process of feedback and approval. Always analyze comments and try to follow their tips, but do not forget to consider whether these tips are appropriate to the direction of your work.

6. Choose the chair of your committee carefully

It is not a secret that the chair of the committee plays the crucial role during the writing of the dissertation. Sometimes even direction of the researching can depend on him because he is responsible for dealing and mediating with intellectual conflicts that create a roadblock for the student. That is why you should be careful choosing the chair of the committee. Pay attention to his style of work, it must match the style of the entire committee.

7. Visitor examiner

Some departments require the presence of the outside reader from another institution. Make sure that he takes an active part in dissertation writing help of your work and try to involve him in its process.

So, if you want to make your cooperation with the committee during the writing of dissertation useful and to save a lot of time, just try to follow the above tips.

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