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How to Start Writing Dissertation

You need to write dissertation! It sounds like a horror, doesn’t it? Even the best students almost always agree with the fact that the thesis writing is one of the hardest parts of studying in college. Most newbies usually just order dissertation at some dissertation service and don’t even care about this. Nevertheless, there are some brave young scientists, which do not want to simplify their life and prefer writing a dissertation without any additional help. Well, it is their choice.

We just cannot leave them alone in this difficult situation and that is why we prepared some tips about thesis writing, which will be useful in practice. Therefore, figure out new useful information about dissertation writing, which will significantly simplify your life and will save you weeks of work.

We thought about the topic of the article for long and realized that the most difficult part of any work is the start of writing. Therefore, this article seeks to explain inexperienced students some pitfalls of the beginning phase of the writing of their first thesis. So, let’s start.

How to start writing your dissertation 


 • Create a question 

First, you should choose the topic and create a question. Talk with your friends in the university about it and, of course, with the supervisor. Always link the question of the thesis with the subject. Remember, your thesis is the road map for writing your paper. Make sure you write about what your thesis says.

• Do not try to read and learn all information in the library 

Secondly, most students try to focus excessively on finding reference papers, when they are going to start writing, and starting to read a lot. However, at the beginning of this process, you should focus on three or four key references and agree on them with your supervisor and committee. You can also ask them to provide some more and then check the references of these key papers, and build a reference database. Every time you read something, make a footnote, it will be easier to note something at the beginning than try to find all your references at the end of thesis writing.

• List of abbreviations 

You should avoid acronyms, which may confuse the reader if it is possible. However, it is sometimes impossible to do so. There is no program, which can create a list of abbreviations instead of you. That’s why, unfortunately, you should create it yourself.

• Always save your work every 10 minutes 

Of course, Microsoft Word or another software, which you are going to use, have an option of autosave but do not hesitate to save your work one more time. Keep this document in the secure place on the Internet (for example, use DropBox) and somewhere on a flash drive.

 • Learn shortcuts 

It sounds weird, but you should learn shortcuts. At least the most useful and popular such as Ctrl+F, Ctrl+Enter, and Ctrl+Z. Your dissertation will not be better, but you will spend less time on printing.

• Use simple language

You should make your sentences simple. Your sentences should be around 15-20 words. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but when it is possible - try to break them down. Moreover, avoid unnecessary words. There are some phrases, which people like to use because it sounds reasonable (for example, ‘as the matter of fact’), but it’s redundant, you can just skip it. You can write ‘moreover’ or ‘in addition’, but it should be appropriate.

Following these tips, the process of your thesis writing will be simplified. If after the reading you understand that it is too difficult, you always can use thesis writing service to write a dissertation without problems.


  1. There are no way to start your dissertation in time. Classes, work, family...You just don't have time for it and at the end you just order your dissertation and relax :)

    1. You can't just order your disser without doing any research, commission quickly get that you buy it. You can read it many times, but if you actually don't write it by yourself you won't know it good. My advice - to try to write it by yourself and if you feel that some chapters aren't good - give it for proofreading and editing, or order some of them (not the whole disser). First of all it will be much cheaper, second - you will know what are you writing about.