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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Schooling after a bachelor degree is a postgraduate program which requires such kind of writing as dissertation. Dissertation is only a part of all postgraduate programs, the last one. However, to do it you will need to go through a lot of important steps. One of these steps is to write a dissertation proposal. It will probably take a lot of time to select a good researchable topic for a dissertation. For some students it is two month before they start dissertation writing, for some other students – almost a year. In any case, sooner or later you will know the topic for your dissertation and will need to write a dissertation proposal.

Tips will help you to learn how to write proposal

 • Find a good researchable topic that really interests you. You already know the general field for study (or you will need to select one to do a PhD or a master’s degree). Explore this field to find what you need. Read as much as you can until you will find a good topic. As it was already mentioned, for some students this search takes only one or two month, but sometimes they search for a good topic in years.

Again, focus on topics that really interest you. You will spend a lot of time on the dissertation and it will be hard for you to explore something not interesting. The thing is that you will spend the same time on making yourself happy and making yourself unhappy – you should only choose a right way;

• Narrow down your topic as much as you can to make it more researchable. Avoid vast topics, because they are too non-productive. Vast topic usually requires a lot of search from the one side and a lot of writing from the other side.

Besides, it is too difficult to be original with the vast topic. Thereby, narrow down your topic for the dissertation and find something really interesting and non-trivial;

• Keep in mind your requests – you need to get a researchable, interesting and unique topic. First, you need to make sure that you have enough information resources to do the search. Secondly, you need to find something that touches you. And finally, this topic should be unique, or you will be writing something very close to plagiarism.

If you need some dissertation writing help, you can always ask your advisor. He or she can help you to select a direction for your search. Anyway, with or without some dissertation help you will find a good topic and then you can write a proposal;

• Your topic will probably change during your work. Thereby, don’t worry too much on it when you write your proposal. The direction of search can be not completely clear; you will find exactly what you want during your work;

 • Your proposal is like an essay – you need an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion in it. Like in other kinds of writing, in the introduction you should set the main ideas you want to discuss during your work. They called a thesis statement.

After you will make a thesis statement, you can write body paragraphs. The body of the proposal shows the main idea of the dissertation. In other words, you can show here what your dissertation will probably look like. Again, everyone understands that you can slightly change a topic and directions of search during your study;

• Use such sections for your body paragraphs as methodology and chapters. Methodology shows how you are going to perform your research, while chapters show your main ideas that you want to explore in a dissertation. All this will help you to form the final conclusion in the end. Surely, when we are talking about the scientific dissertation, we cannot make a final conclusion in the proposal.

However, we can show how our dissertation will explore the hypothesis. Editors are looking to see something interesting in your dissertation proposal. Try to show them why your topic is important to the field. Maybe it is connected with some other dissertation or continues some other research? Anyway, you should find an interesting and nontrivial topic to succeed.

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  1. Is it possible to order this part of dissertation from dissertation writing services? Or I will need to order the rest too? I'm not sure how to write the proposal.