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How to write Introduction Chapter in Dissertation

The dissertation is probably the most important project you need to perform in university. This assignment is quite hard for every dissertation writer because it should contain a lot of important facts and necessary details. However, you need to know that there are dissertation writing services and professional dissertation writers that always can help.

Dissertation writing help in creating of the introductory part

An introduction to the dissertation is quite an important part. It has a few functions that you should comply in your text. First of all, the introduction of your dissertation should give your readers a general impression of what your paper is written about. This impression will influence the whole assessment of your work. It is vital to notice that usually introductory part isn't written at the begging of your work, but during the writing process or even at the end.

 Introduction consists of several parts:

 • The field of study. At the very beginning, you need to mention the study you will accomplish. This is also called and introductory paragraph. Write only two-tree sentences to present your precise subject to the reader.

Background of the problem. In this part, you need to explain to your reader why you have chosen this problem for your research. You need to provide a short summary of how it was studied previously and then provide the explanation of why it was missed by previous researchers. It will be quite useful to mention a few important names of the researchers and to use some of their citations.

Statement of the problem. In the previous part we looked at the problem in the context of previous investigations, and here, you need to state the problem clearly. Use these few sentences to show the entire reason of your research. The problem statement should prove the need in this research.

The purpose of the study. In other words, it is a research design. Here you need to describe quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic, and other methods that you have used in your research. This part should have about two paragraphs.

The significance of the study. This is a statement that shows the practical advantage of this paper. Here, you describe how it is important to solve the problem and how helpful it can be for the humanity. You need to summarize all the important facts you have found out from your research and present it here.

The research question. It can be one or several. It depends on your research. Remember that your investigation is an answer to the research question. That is why you need to make your questions relying on the answers.

Hypotheses. In other words, this statement is a prediction of the gap in knowledge. Usually, the topic of every research is quite specific, and it is impossible to study all the important factors and sides of the problem. That is why when one question is solved there is always another one that is closely connected to the previous one. The problem that is described in this part can become your future research if you want this.

 • Definition of terms. It is very useful to provide here the most important terms you used in your research and their definitions. It will help the reader to understand your paper better.

Summary. Here you need to summarize the information of the Chapter1 and preview of Chapter2.

Dissertation writing is a hard work. Even to write an introductory part you need to do a lot of work. However, this short article has information that can provide dissertation help to you.

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